What is an overuse injury?

The words “overuse injury” kind of explain themselves. To be more specific, though, it’s any injury to your joints and muscles that develops when you do too much, too soon.

Repetitive activity can bring on this type of pain, which includes conditions like stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, black toenails, and Morton’s neuroma.

Most of the time, this happens from training and technique errors. For training, injuries are sustained when you run longer than your body can handle or workout for an amount of time that’s past your physical threshold. Problems are also caused when you amp up your intensity level too fast.

For technique, you could be using bad posture during weight lifting or during sports like tennis, golfing, or baseball. Either you’re too tired or not strong enough to hold the pose. Either way, pace yourself!

Don’t feel bad if you have an overuse injury—they’re pretty common and happen to enthusiastic athletes and first-time exercisers alike. For the best treatment, call Sierra Foot & Ankle in Gardnerville at (775) 783-8037 to schedule an appointment.