What is the best way to stretch my feet?

The best practices for stretching feet depend on your unique needs, but generally performing exercises that affect the calves and the smaller muscles and tendons in your feet help. Lunges, calf raises, and towel stretches pull gently on the calf muscles and Achilles tendons and encourage them to relax. Ankle rotations and toe points work the lower leg and foot muscles. Massaging your sole with a ball, spreading your toes, and picking objects up off the ground with your feet work the smaller, harder to reach tissues. These stretches and exercises help you build up strength and relax, so your lower limbs are conditioned for your activities.

Stretching your feet is an important part of keeping them fit and avoiding preventable injuries. If you aren’t sure how to perform any of these exercises, or are concerned about pain in your feet or ankles, contact the experts at Sierra Foot & Ankle for help. Visit the website contact page or call us at (775) 783-8037 for an appointment or more information.