What stretches relieve heel pain?

Stretches for Heel PainYour body can work to heal itself, and there are many stretches that can aide in that process. Before turning to prescription medications or surgery, it’s a good idea to try noninvasive measures. This is especially true for your feet and heels. Stretches relieve heel pain, and can be fun too. Channel your inner ballerina, and try walking on tip-toe around the house. This simple and seemingly silly exercise extends the foot and can help alleviate suffering. Next, lose your marbles! Allow marbles, pebbles or other small rounded objects to scatter within reach of a comfortable chair. With some music or a movie on in the background, practice picking the marbles or pebbles up with your toes and depositing them into a cup or bowl. This provides a healthy, mild stretch to the ligaments in your toes and feet, working to treat and prevent injury.

Relieve plantar plain with a simple floor exercise. Sit with your legs extended in front of you. Draw your right leg toward you until your right knee is bent. Then, gently pull on the ball of your right foot. Hold this position, allowing your muscles to extend up to twenty seconds. Repeat this exercise three times before alternating to your left leg.

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