When is the best time to stretch?

The best time to stretch partially depends on how stiff and tight your muscles are. Stretching after a workout is the best time to relax and loosen muscles, since they are already warm and flexible. Stretching before you exercise may decrease your athletic performance, but after your routine may help you avoid painful stiffening in your limbs. However, if your muscles feel tight and uncomfortable throughout the day, take a few minutes to stretch them. Loosening your soft tissues can help refresh your body and improve discomfort from stiffness.

There isn’t necessarily a “best time” for stretching during the day that benefits your body more than other hours. Listen to your lower limbs and how they feel. If you struggle with frequently tightened tissues, or aren’t sure how to stretch safely, request more information or an appointment from Sierra Foot & Ankle. Call (775) 783-8037 or use our website contact form to reach our offices in Carson City or Gardnerville, NV.