Where can I get custom orthotics for my heel pain?

Heel pain is one of the most common ailments we treat at our office. Our goal is always to keep you walking and active and enjoying life, and you can’t do that when your feet hurt. They weren’t meant to walk on hard surfaces all day, so they need a little help. If you are wondering where to get custom orthotics to support your arch and relieve your pain, look no further. Sierra Foot & Ankle designs and fabricates the best ones in the area right here in our onsite orthotics lab

We take care of the issue from beginning to end. We diagnose the cause of your pain, take imprints of your feet, determine where they need extra support and cushioning, and then start making a pair of foot supports that fits your foot exactly. We choose the best base material for your needs (rigid, semi-rigid, soft), contour the upper layers according to the shape of your foot and where it needs extra support, and top it with a long lasting liner that allows your feet to breathe.

Ready to address the heel (or ankle, knee or hip) pain that as making walking difficult for you? Call Dr. Victoria Melhuish at Sierra Foot & Ankle today to set up your appointment. You can reach our office in Gardnerville, NV at (775) 783-8037, or call toll free at (888) 608-8406. You can also request an appointment on our website contact page.