Why do I have pain at the base of my toes?

Your pain at the base of the toes means that your foot’s not working like it should. There’s an uneven amount of pressure placed on your foot when it hits the ground, so it irritates and inflames the metatarsals, which are the bones that run from your arch to the toe bones. This pain is more specifically referred to as metatarsalgia.

There are a number of causes for this overarching term to describe ball of foot pain. Walking on hard surfaces, running on the beach, and trying to sprint in worn-out shoes are some of the reasons why you might suddenly feel discomfort.

Your shoe choice could be to blame as well. Think about how sore the front of your foot is after spending an entire day in high heels.

Bunions, claw toes, obesity, and stress fractures could put an uneven amount of pressure on your foot. Arthritis is another cause to consider, since it might choose to attack the metatarsophalangeal joints.

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