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Employment Opportunities

Have you always wanted to work in a small office where you are an integral part of the TEAM? Do you love working with people and help make their experience the best one possible?  Have you ever visited Disneyworld and thought "I wish every place was like this?" If you answered yes to all three questions, this job may be for you.

If you're a person who starts your day with a smile and end it with a bigger smile, definitely consider applying with us. To apply:

Send us an email. Make sure that the subject line reads “I am ready to be your new TEAM member!”. Include the name of the position you are seeking and type a short blurb on why you believe you are the best candidate for the position.  You must include your resume in pdf or word format as an attachment.

Our ideal applicant is friendly, upbeat, patient and professional. To survive at our office, you must be able to multi-task several important items at once, stress is an everyday occurrence. You must be good with people in person and on the telephone.  You have to be TEAM oriented, as you will be working with others.  You must have good computer skills and must be able to type 50 wpm (you will be tested).  Someone who is respectful, has a good work ethic, friendly, cheerful, upbeat, gets along with others, is a team player and ambitious is the person we’re looking for. Soft skills are the most important skills; we can teach you the rest!

All staff positions are PART TIME. Hours range from 25-35 hours per week. High School Diploma or GED required for all positions.

Positions Currently Available

Medical Assistant

This role of a medical assistant is to assist the doctor in treating patients. This position requires you to be hands of the physician. You will be performing patient intake, scribing, prepping for surgery, and direct patient care under the direction of the doctor. You will also be casting patients for DME, customizing orthotics, taking X-Rays, filling syringes, dispensing shoes and DME.  Other miscellaneous duties include the ongoing upkeep of the clinic, like maintaining inventory, cleaning, and sterilizing surgical instruments.

Patient Care Coordinator

The role of the Patient Care Coordinator is to coordinate everything about the patient care.  These duties include making appointments, verifying insurance coverage, checking in patients during their visit, checking out patients after their visit and collecting copays.  You will also be handling all kinds of paperwork like placing doctor’s orders with external agencies, following up on them, and filing results, as well as communicating with patients and other providers to coordinate the patient care.  Shipping and receiving of goods and prescription items is also your responsibility.  The position also entails filing, scanning, processing mail, depositing checks, and anything else asked of you.

To Apply

If you are our "People Person", please submit a cover letter to [email protected]  Subject line MUST read: "I AM your new (position applying for) TEAM member".  For example, if applying for the medical assistant position, the subject line would read “I AM your new medical assistant TEAM member”.

Attach your resume as a pdf file or a word file.

In your email, answer:

Why do you want this position?
Why are you the best fit for this position?
What’s your favorite color, and why?

Make sure you spell check both your resume and your cover letter.  What you submit will be taken as an example of the type of work you will be performing, so make sure it is neat and tidy.  Failure to follow these instructions will cause your email to go a junk folder and nobody will see it.  No phone calls, please. We can’t wait to meet you!