Foot Problems

Nothing that stands upright stays standing unless it has a solid base supporting it. Most tall buildings and large monuments have big, wide foundations that distribute the weight of the structure evenly and allow it to both balance and withstand weather conditions. Your body has a foundation, too—one that adjusts to your weight and direction so that you stay strong and balanced. This base adapts to your environment and the surface below you, makes forward movement possible, and absorbs the shock of striking the ground. This base is, of course, your feet.

Basic Concerns

Your foot is a complex structure. All of the difference pieces that comprise it—bones, muscles, connective tissues, and more—fit together tightly so they are able to withstand the force of your steps, but flexible enough so that your foot rolls and adjusts to the ground beneath it. When something goes wrong with your feet, understanding how to fix the problem without accidentally causing an additional issue elsewhere requires years of training and experience.

Fortunately, Dr. Victoria Melhuish does have that training and experience, making her well-qualified to handle just about anything that can go wrong with your lower limbs, from common foot injuries to complications from diabetes in your feet. Some of the general problems that can occur in your body’s base, but can be treated using mostly conservative measures, include:

Achilles Problems - Your Achilles tendon is the major connector between your calf muscle and your heel, allowing your foot to point and push off the ground. When this tendon is injured, your mobility is weakened.

Ankle Issues - This major joint is responsible for a lot of movement in your lower limbs. If it is weakened or hurt, your stability is compromised and even just walking around becomes harder.

Arch and Ball of the Foot Conditions - The middle and front of the foot work together to carry a lot of your body weight. As a result, they can come under a lot of stress and suffer some painful injuries.

Deformities - Sometimes problems change the shape and efficiency of the foot, causing a deformity. This is not only uncomfortable, but it can also make wearing shoes and walking around difficult.

Diseases of the Foot - Different diseases in the body attack the foot structures, weakening or even breaking them down. The longer they damage the body, the harder they are to treat.

Fungus Problems - Fungus can be picked up almost anywhere in the environment. Then, if the conditions are right, it begins growing on the surface of the skin or under nails, breaking down the tissues.

Heel Issues - The heel is another area of the foot that regularly comes under a lot of extra pressure. The strain of supporting your body, especially if you have some incorrect biomechanics, can injure the tissues and cause you pain.

Nail Conditions - Your nails are designed to protect and help the ends of your toes, but they can also become injured or infected and cause damage to the tissues around them.

Skin Problems - Your skin covers every part of your body, protecting it. But wherever you have skin, you can suffer from skin conditions. When they occur on your feet, the discomfort can severely limit your mobility.

Toe Problems - Your toes may seem small or even unimportant, but they help you balance and push off the ground when you want to move. Many other conditions can cause trouble with your digits, leaving you uncomfortable and making walking more difficult.

Vascular/Nerve Conditions - Your nervous system and blood vessels make everything your feet do possible. Damage to either of these systems can mean permanent injury and weakness in your lower limbs.

Although pain in the feet and ankles is fairly common, it should not be considered normal. Living with discomfort in your lower limbs is completely unnecessary. Many conservative treatments exist that enable you to obtain real relief for your various foot or ankle conditions and return to your activities pain-free. If you or someone you care about is suffering from pain in your lower limbs, contact the experts at Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City, Nevada for an appointment or more information, and take care of the problem before it has a chance to get worse. Visit the website contact page or call (775) 783-8037 to reach us.