Handling Haglund's Deformity

Do you have a noticeable bump on the back of your heel? Does the soft tissue near your Achilles tendon become irritated and painful while wearing shoes? Haglund's deformity, often referred to as "pump bump," is a bony enlargement at the back of your heel that can become irritated by certain shoes, particularly pump-style heels. Don't put up with the pain.

Why is My Foot Deformed?

The primary cause of this condition is pressure on the back of the heel from shoes, but don’t let the term pump bump fool you — it affects more than just women in heels. In fact, any individual who wears rigid back shoes, such as ice skates or men's dress shoes, can be affected. Inherited foot structure also plays a role, making certain individuals susceptible to this deformity. If you have high arches, for example, the heel bone is likely to rub against the Achilles tendon, eventually causing a bony extension to develop and become inflamed. Other factors that influence your chances for developing this enlargement include: tight Achilles tendons that cause tenderness and inflammation, as well as walking on the outside of your heel, which causes it to rotate inward and creates grinding of the heel bone against the tendon.

How Can I Help My Aching Heel?

A bony protrusion on the heel is associated with redness, swelling, and discomfort. Blisters may also develop around the affected area as a result of unwanted friction. You can relieve stress and redistribute pressure at home with the use of heel pads or shoe inserts. For more immediate relief, apply ice to the area and elevate the foot above the heart. Try wearing open-heeled shoes if you have Haglund's deformity, tendinitis, bunions, bursitis, or other related heel problems. It is also helpful to rotate through different shoes throughout the week.

If pain persists, despite your best efforts at home, the experts at Sierra Foot and Ankle are here to help! Our treatment plans vary for each bone growth depending on the severity, and a thorough look into your medical history. We may suggest shoe modification by way of custom orthotics. These will support your limbs and change the position of your foot inside your shoe to relieve pressure on the heel. We may also prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medication. If the condition has progressed into a more extreme form, immobilization may be necessary. If the area is extremely swollen, a cast or walking boot will be recommended in order for the area to heal properly and without interruption. Lastly, Dr. Victoria Melhuish may suggest surgery if non-surgical methods fail to provide relief. She is specially trained in surgically re-shaping the heel bone to correct the problem.

If Haglund’s deformity, or high arches, run in your family, avoid shoes with rigid backs. We can also provide orthotics as a preventative measure, not just a treatment. Don't wait until it’s too late to get your heel checked out. Our office will be sure to accommodate your specific needs and provide you with a suitable treatment plan. You can request an appointment with us or get more information from Sierra Foot & Ankle here in Carson City, Nevada by visiting us online or giving us a call at (775) 783-8037.