Heel Pain - No More Suffering

Ahh. Stretch. Yawn. Open your eyes. Open the blinds. It's the start of a brand new beautiful day, with the capacity for endless adventure and smiles, but that ache in your heel makes you wish you were still dreaming. You're not alone. One of the most common complaints that we treat here at Sierra Foot & Ankle is heel pain. Luckily for you, it's as easy to treat as counting sheep. Rest assured, we'll find you the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Contributing Factors of Soreness

Most individuals who experience pain in their heels expect it to go away on its own. This isn't the case. Discomfort should be addressed, regardless of the degree. One of the largest contributing factors to tenderness is plantar fasciitis. If your feet are feeling tender with each step in the morning, the band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes is to blame. As a result of overuse, this tissue can often become inflamed and painful. If pain from plantar fasciitis lingers too long, calcium deposits, called heel spurs, can develop on the back of the foot.

Other factors that may play a role in discomfort include stone bruises and Achilles tendonitis. If you've been walking barefoot or with shoes containing little to no cushion, you may be suffering the repercussions of stepping on a stone. Such an injury can cause bruising on the soft padding of your heel.

Achilles tendonitis affects the back of the heel as opposed to the bottom. This condition is common among runners and athletes who wear unsupportive shoes. If you're experiencing this type of pain, take a break! A short-term time out from the activity will ease the aching flare up. Investing in a good pair of running shoes that support the heel is one helpful way to treat your discomfort.

Expunging Discomfort

When ignored, heel pain becomes worse and may even lead to other chronic conditions. Prevent further devastation by committing yourself to early diagnosis and treatment. Consult with Dr. Victoria Melhuish to find the source of your pain. From diagnostic ultrasound to our visual gait analysis, Sierra Foot & Ankle will find the treatment plan that works best for you and your unique condition.

We may advise you to rest the affected foot, prescribe anti-inflammatory medications, or encourage you to try an orthotic device. We also offer painless and effective K-laser therapy. The wavelengths of light emitted during treatment fight pain at its source and promote swift healing. If the condition is advanced, laser therapy may no longer be effective. Some conditions require more invasive courses of action. Surgery is the last resort.

If you develop heel pain, seek treatment right away. Even the smallest amount of pain and inflammation can grow to be a much larger problem. Let our expert team help diagnose and treat your lower limb discomfort. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle here in Carson City, Nevada for an appointment or more information. You can reach us by calling (775) 783-8037 or submitting our online contact form.