Medical Foot & Ankle Care

When you have a toothache, you seek help from a dentist to eliminate the discomfort. When your eyes burn and your vision is blurry, you call up your eye doctor. Even when you’re sick to your stomach and running a fever, most people will contact their primary care physician to see about getting medicine to clear up the illness. When you have aches and pains in your feet and ankles, though, many people do not think about seeking professional medical care—at least, not until the problem has become deeply uncomfortable and interrupted regular activities. It pays, though, to seek podiatric care sooner rather than later.

Medicine at Work

Quality medical care for your feet and ankles is aimed at catching problems in your lower limbs early and healing them. It can involve medicine, lifestyle changes, and even surgery in some cases. It requires accurate diagnoses, remedies tailored to your unique needs, and follow-up after the treatment to be sure that the care is working—and to adjust it if it’s not. With advances in modern medicine, targeted and effective treatments are increasingly efficient and safe. Some of the techniques and technologies used here at Sierra Foot & Ankle include:

Diagnostic Procedures - Dr. Victoria Melhuish uses a variety of different tests and advanced imaging technologies to take a clear look at the structures inside your feet. Images like X-rays and MRIs give the doctor a chance to see the damage in your lower limbs, make an accurate diagnosis, and determine possible paths for treatment.

Orthotics - Custom orthotics are prescription-based inserts designed to cushion, stabilize, and even correct problems in your feet. They fit into your shoes and adjust your foot so that you are not incurring damage as the result of incorrect biomechanics or any other foot condition.

Pain Management - Oftentimes, a large part of medical care for your lower limbs involves managing the discomfort you experience. Some conditions take quite a while to heal, and you certainly don’t want to live in pain during that time. Reducing your discomfort as you recover is an important part of your foot and ankle health.

Surgical Procedures - Although Dr. Victoria Melhuish focuses on conservative treatment and attempts noninvasive measures first, sometimes you do need surgical intervention to repair serious damage and avoid chronic problems. Surgeries exist for almost every condition of the lower limbs and are increasingly safe with modern medicine’s advances.

Therapies - Some effective conservative treatments involve therapeutic measures for your lower limbs. These work to eliminate the source of your condition, stimulate healing, and even build up your strength to help avoid future injuries.

Whatever your unique foot or ankle needs may be, you don’t have to put them off and just hope that they will improve with time. Medical care isn’t restricted to illnesses or obvious injuries like broken bones. The smaller problems that go untreated and result in chronic pain interrupt and limit your life just as effectively as big problems do. If you’re experiencing discomfort or weakness in your lower limbs, investigate it and take care of your body. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City and Gardnerville, NV for an appointment or more information about quality care for your feet. Call (775) 783-8037 or visit our website contact page to reach us.