Women’s Feet: Keeping a Busy Lady Pain-Free

Running to the store, running to the office, running the kids to soccer practice—women spend a lot of time pounding around on their feet and ankles. They always seem to have one more thing to do that keeps them up and moving, which is why they can’t afford to be immobilized by foot pain. Women’s feet have some unique issues that can lead to discomfort. Addressing those before they limit mobility is key to keeping a busy lady pain-free.

Fashion Shoe Choices

Women’s feet are not the same as men’s. Some studies have shown real differences between the sexes in the shape and size of the basic structures in the lower limbs. Those aren’t the only differences, either. Natural body changes and footwear can also lead to foot pain. That’s why women need to be intentional about how they take care of their body’s foundation.

Many of the footwear choices women make can negatively impact their feet and ankles. This may be one of the reasons so many women develop some kind of lower limb pain or injury during their lives. Two of the most common problem-causers are high heels and socks.

High heels – A popular style choice, heels can be worn to the office or for an evening out. They come in a wide variety of fancy styles and cover the shelves of many shoe stores. They also provide a significant risk to your lower limbs. Because they shift your whole weight forward, they change your center of balance, add extra pressure to the balls of the feet, and encourage the Achilles tendon to tighten.

Stockings – Many people take their hosiery for granted, but it has a significant influence on your lower limbs, providing an extra layer of protection between your feet and your shoes. Some, like compression stockings, discourage swelling. However, the wrong kinds of socks can cause damage. Pantyhose trap moisture and can lead to fungal infections. Too tight or too small socks squeeze the feet and may cause circulation or ingrown toenail problems. Hosiery that’s too loose can encourage blisters and calluses.

Life Changes

Natural changes in your body can affect your foot functions and comfort as well.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, including in the feet. Your added baby weight and increased hormones can cause your feet to expand and flatten. They can also cause fluid to pool in the lower limb tissues, resulting in painful edema. Any biomechanical problems that arise from these changes can lead to additional discomfort.

Women over 65 – Everyone ages and the longer your feet are around, the more wear and tear they accumulate. Between years of hard work catching up to you, and the steady weakening of your muscles and connective tissues, your lower limbs can become quite uncomfortable as you get older.

Help for Foot Pain in Nevada

Fortunately, all of these issues that affect the comfort and mobility of women’s feet can easily be addressed with a little care. Dr. Victoria Melhuish understands female feet and how to help them. Changing footwear, adding orthotics or insoles for extra padding or support, and physical therapy exercises can all be done to help relieve your discomfort and prevent injuries.

You don’t need discomfort to slow down your busy life. If you’re a woman and you’re concerned about your lower limbs, don’t put off seeking help until you are hobbling because of the pain. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City, Nevada for an appointment or more information to take care of yourself. Fill out the online contact form or call (775) 783-8037 to reach us.