Don’t Let Diabetes Stop You from Doing the Things You Love

You decided long ago that diabetes wasn’t going to prevent you from living your life. You still walk, hike, and love the outdoors—you just have to be more careful when you’re on the trail. While you’re able to manage your symptoms now, you know that complications can arise in an instant—especially as you get older.

We Can Keep You Out of the Hospital

At Sierra Foot & Ankle, we know that many patients are afraid of suffering irreversible consequences due to diabetes. They may even be too scared to keep their regular doctor appointments, afraid that their doctor will tell them that their condition is getting worse. Since many serious complications of diabetes affect the feet, we treat diabetes from the ground up: we inspect your feet and ankles for signs of trouble, devise a way to reverse the symptoms, and stop your condition from getting worse.

Diabetic Injury PreventionDiabetic Injury Prevention Starts in the Feet

Our podiatry clinic goes far beyond providing health care tips for your feet. We make lifelong commitments to our patients, advising them on ways to improve their overall health and wellness to live pain-free lives. We also help our patients by continually investing in our practice, looking for innovative and affordable products that will benefit our patients’ lives.

Sierra Foot & Ankle’s board-certified podiatrist Dr. Victoria Melhuish can help patients avoid serious diabetic complications by providing:

  • Ulcer treatment. Patients who have lost feeling in their legs may not notice breaks in the skin until infection has set in, and the wound may require antibiotics or even amputation of their feet or legs. Dr. Melhuish can treat diabetic foot ulcers and help patients adopt proper prevention techniques to avoid suffering skin breakages in the future.
  • Nail care. We ensure that diabetic patients receive the best of care in our office, but we also take steps to continue that care in their homes. In our clinic, we inspect your feet, pumice dead skin, and trim your toenails to avoid potential injuries, and we suggest techniques and products that you can use at home to continue proper foot care.
  • Shoe fittings. Many of our patients are wearing the wrong size shoe, leading them to deal with blisters, calluses, and other potentially hazardous conditions for diabetes sufferers. We take pride in educating our patients on the specific conditions of their feet, helping them to choose proper footwear to prevent further injury.
  • Vascular testing. One of the biggest complications of diabetes is losing blood flow to the feet and legs. We offer comprehensive vascular testing (arterial and venous) in our office, allowing us to locate areas of blockage and to help ease your symptoms.
  • Neurogenx treatments. High blood sugar levels can suppress the immune system, leading to neuropathy, a tingling or numbness in the feet. We offer Neurogenx treatments for patients living with advanced neuropathy to help diagnose and correct nerve damage.
  • Shoes for Medicare patients. We have a shoe for every body, and Medicare can pay for your pair. Our in-house shoe store has a wide range of shoes for diabetic patients, and we can special order additional sizes or widths to make sure your shoes fit you perfectly. As a Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program Provider, we can provide well-fitted shoes free of charge for all diabetic patients on Medicare. Call us today for more information on shoes for diabetic patients.
  • Full-body health. A good podiatrist realizes that problems in the feet can affect the entire body, including the mind. Our on-site family nurse practitioner is available to discuss whole-body preventive and maintenance techniques to help patients of all ages and backgrounds stay fit, healthy, and pain-free.

Early Intervention Can Stop You From Losing Your Foot or Leg

When it comes to treating diabetes complications, prevention is far better than a cure. Patients who are experiencing any pain or discomfort should address the issue as quickly as possible to avoid life-altering interventions. Our clinic offers same-day appointments for patients who need emergency care, allowing us to stop your condition from getting worse and help you avoid the loss of a foot, toe, or leg.

Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle today at 888-608-8406 to tell us about the problems you have been having, or fill out our quick appointment request form to have our staff contact you.

Photo Credit: MichaelAW via Stock.Xchng