We Can Help You Find a Lasting Solution for Your Heel and Arch Pain

Most people don’t think much about their feet until something goes wrong. A pain in the heel, a sudden inability to put weight on your foot, or a tenderness in the ankle after tripping over a step can be tolerated—even ignored—for weeks, until one day you decide that the pain has become too much to bear. Are foot problems just a fact of life, or is there some way to treat the pain that will actually prevent it from coming back?

Heel and Arch PainWe Find a Solution That Works for—and With—Your Body

The podiatry team at Sierra Foot & Ankle knows that pain in your feet and ankles is not normal and should not be tolerated. For over ten years, we have been working to get patients back to living pain-free lives. We can help you find a solution to many different kinds of foot problems, such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis. If you have severe heel pain when your feet first hit the floor in the morning, you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This inflammation of the connective tissue along the bottom of your foot (the plantar fascia) may be caused by repetitive stress, increased exercise, increased weight, degeneration of the bones and muscles in the foot, or a heredity foot deformity. We can help determine the cause of your plantar fasciitis pain and design custom orthotics to relieve the pressure.
  • Achilles Tendinitis. A common running injury, Achilles tendinitis is commonly caused by overuse of the tendon that runs along the back of the heel. It is most commonly found in people between the ages of 30 and 40, but can happen to anyone who is regularly active in sports that involve running, jumping, or quick changes of direction.
  • Heel Spurs. Calcium deposits may build up on the bones and tissues throughout the body. In many cases, these bone spurs will not cause problems—but spurs on the back of the heel bone can cause excruciating pain as they burrow into the surrounding tissues. Heel spurs are most common in overweight patients, patients with flat feet, and women who often wear high-heeled shoes.
  • Sever’s Disease. Calcaneal apophysitis, better known as Sever’s disease, is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel. The most common patients affected are children and teenagers, especially those who are active in sports. We can recommend treatments to help ease the child’s heel pain and prevent the condition from recurring.
  • Foot Injuries. Human beings are designed to move, and regular activity is necessary for full-body health. However, overworked muscles and ligaments can suffer repetitive injuries, stress fractures, and other trauma that can prevent you from moving. We have an on-site digital x-ray lab to diagnose the source of your pain and get you the treatment you need to get back to doing what you love.

Stand Up Straight: Correcting Your Foot Posture

Just as some people require eyeglasses to correct their vision, others require orthotics to correct the positioning of their feet. If your foot suffers from “bad posture,” the effects will be felt in your knees, back, legs, and throughout the body, affecting your movement and overall quality of life.

Our full-service orthotics lab allows us to provide foot care adjustments for the whole family right in our office. If the shape or positioning of your foot is causing you discomfort, we can design custom shoes, inserts, and braces in our on-site orthotic lab and adjust the device to correct the problem. Orthotics work with your body, not against it, restoring balance and preventing further injury.

We Keep Runners, Walkers, and Seniors Moving for Life

Board certified podiatrist Dr. Victoria Melhuish believes that you should not have to sacrifice your favorite activities due to foot pain. As an avid runner, walker, and hiker, Dr. Melhuish tests many of the products we offer herself to make sure they work properly and are a good value to her clients. She also ensures that same-day appointments remain available for patients who require them. Call our office—conveniently located in Carson City, NV—today at 888-608-8406 to find out how we can help, or fill out our quick appointment request form and we will contact you to confirm your appointment.

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