Our Patient Stories Offer an Inside Look at Our Practice and Services

We know it can be difficult to trust someone with your health and future mobility. That’s why we encourage our customers to share their experiences at Sierra Foot and Ankle, helping new patients become familiar with the care and attention we provide before they walk through our door.

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  • Patient Yvonne Rempp describes her medical issue, treatment and satisfaction with Dr. Melhuish

    Before I became a patient of Dr. Melhuish I hurt my ankle while riding an exercise bike. I shattered my left ankle and tore my achilles tendon. I saw five different Dr.'s before I came to Dr. Melhuish. Two of the Dr.'s wanted to fuse my foot, and 3 other Dr.'s gave me a brace to use, but I still had difficulty walking. One of Dr Melhuish's patients, who was treated for plantar fascitis, highly recommended Dr. Melhuish and gave me her telephone number so I could make an appointment. I am so pleased and I can walk again with no brace and no pain. Dr. Melhuish is so great at explaining things I think she should teach at a medical school. I absolutely would recommend her.

    Yvonne Rempp, Gardnerville NV
  • Patient Sue Landes talks about her sailing accident and full recovery using custom orthotics and laser treatments.

    I came in because last March I had a sailing accident.  Banged up my right foot really bad.  I was seeing an orthopedic doctor.  I just wasn't satisfied with the fact that I was getting no more improvement. So I called Dr. Melhuish.   First thing we did was order custom orthotics.  But the other thing she mentioned was trying this Laser therapy, and after 10 treatments my foot is like brand new.  The laser works.  It's awesome, and all I can say about it, is my foot now is like it was before the accident.

    Sue Landes, Wellington NV