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We know it can be difficult to trust someone with your health and future mobility. That’s why we encourage our customers to share their experiences at Sierra Foot and Ankle, helping new patients become familiar with the care and attention we provide before they walk through our door.

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  • This is the first time in almost 15 years that I am able to wear sandals without the embarrassment of the unsightly appearance the fungus

    I have tried other Nail Fungus Treatments before deciding to have the Pinpointe Footlaser procedure. Nothing I had tried seemed to combat the fungus. When I heard that Dr. Melhuish had the Pinpointe Footlaser I literally jumped at the chance of a permanent method of ridding my nails of this unsightly and painful fungus. After my first laser treatment, as my toenails slowly grew out, I noticed the nails were growing out of the nail bed in a normal fashion, not like the thick yellow outgrowth I was used to seeing. The nail had to grow out completely to see the full results as would be expected. I did have a follow-up laser treatment to ensure the fungus was completely dead. This is the first time in almost 15 years that I am able to wear sandals without the embarrassment of the unsightly appearance the fungus had given my toenails. The yellow, thick and deformed looking toenails were disgusting and I would see others wearing open toed shoes and sandals with the fungus and wonder how they would even consider going out in public with such ugly looking nails. I am so pleased with the results of the procedure I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from this unsightly and often painful condition. For me it was a matter of pride and instead it was a source of constant embarrassment. To try to keep my nails in a less hideous condition I was using the strongest nail cutters on the market plus extra course emery boards as well as steel rasps to try and file down the thickness of the nails. This was very painful. I even resorted to using a Dremel which is a small handheld but powerful tool that sands, buffs and drills. Every visit I have made to Dr. Melhuish's office was delightful. Dr. Melhuish would explain what she was doing and how the laser worked, and everything she told me made total and clear sense to me. Everyone in her office was professional and courteous as well as friendly. To sum the whole experience up I would have to say, and this may sound vain and shallow, but who would want to walk around with ugly looking toenails? Finally, here is a virtually painless procedure (it does produce a sensation of heat which is certainly tolerable) that yields results. If it got a little too warm, I would simply tell Dr. Melhuish to "cool it" and in an instant it did in fact "cool it!" On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent), the service at Sierra Foot & Ankle rates a "5".

    Alan Achey | August, 2013