How Orthotics Work to Help Your Feet

As with any professional field we have many tools to achieve desired results. One of the most versatile at Sierra Foot & Ankle is orthotic devices, and we’re one of the best.

What are orthotics and why do we need them? Simply put, they’re devices that help align and retrain the joints and muscles of the foot and therefore the rest of the standing skeletal system. I want you think about eyeglasses or even braces for the mouth. What these things do is that they help these areas realign and work better. What the foot orthotic does is they’re going to help your foot posture and therefore the rest of your standing skeletal system from the constant pull of gravity.

Really what screwed us up is that modern society has made hard, flat surfaces everywhere, and we are constantly being pulled down.

Our arch is a leaf spring and it doesn’t work very well when our spring is bottomed out. Here at Sierra Foot & Ankle, the custom devices we fit provide this realigning effect, and get your arch back to working like the spring it should be. We are one of the best at fitting custom orthotics, or customizing non-custom supports, because we have an on-site orthotic lab.

Now you might be thinking, “Can’t I just go to the store and buy some devices?” You could do that, but I don’t recommend that, because there are many types of devices out there. Dr. Scholls, Sole Orthotics, and you might buy a device that’s not fit for your foot or you might not put it in your shoe properly. That will just waste a lot of your money. To avoid poor device selection, I suggest that you come to our office. Our office is unique in that I will work with arch supports for you, which I say, Good, Better, Best.

Good – if all you need is an over-the-counter device, then come to my office and let me fit it for you. I’ll fit it properly.

Better – I can take that over-the-counter device and I can customize it for your needs.

Best – if truly we both determine that a custom device is best for you, then we’re the best at fitting that to your foot.

Orthotics are a very, very powerful tool to use for a lot of foot conditions. Why is that?

90% of the conditions that we treat have a mechanical etiology behind them. Therefore there’s a good chance that when you come to our office that we’re going to make some sort of recommendation to get you into some sort of arch support. We’ll be able to help you get into the right one. Please make an appointment at Sierra Foot & Ankle and we’ll take good care of you.